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Past Event Presentations & Speeches

His Excellency Rob Fenn speech - Lord Justice Laws Event, September 2010

BEDB Generic Powerpoint Presentation - Oil & Gas Trade Mission, November 2010.

SCB Chief Investment Strategist, Steve Brice, Presentation on The Impact of Europe on Asia - 6th June 2012






Upcoming BBBF Events

Tuesday 6th November 2012 - BBBF Committee Meeting

Time: 11am

Venue: British High Commission


If you would like to join the BBBF, please contact: aprille.solis@fco.gov.uk



Latest News -  16th October 2012

The British Business Embassy

The British Business Embassy hosted various global business summits at Lancaster House throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Since 26 July the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor, Business Secretary and 35 other ministers have welcomed around 3,000 business leaders and global figures, including over half of the FTSE 100 companies and hundreds of international buyers, investors and policy makers to Lancaster House. Including the events in September, the total number of attendees is set to reach 4,000 at Lancaster House alone. UK Trade and Investmentís regional programme also held 75 business seminars around the UK.

The British Business Embassy is to be held at future Games, including the Winter Games in Sochi, the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to capitalise on this success.

Minsiters vow to capitalise on the success of the Olympics and Paralympics by working with UK firms to realise an international business legacy that could be worth £13bn to the UK economy in future years. This builds on the substantial investment decisions we have seen in recent weeks, with £14bn of business deals announced at a time when the eyes of the world have been on the UK.

UKTIís international Olympic business legacy programme, including the Host2Host programme, Suppliers Directory and the British Business Club have been delivering benefits for UK companies since the programme commenced in 2007.

Find out more information here for a list of all the business summits that took place during the London 2012 Games!

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BBBF New Associate Membership for Bruneian Students

The BBBF recently launched a new membership for Associate Members! Associate Membership is exclusive for students currently studying, or have studied, in the UK that would like to be apart of the Britain Brunei Business world. Cost of membership is only $30 a year! For more details contact aprille.solis@fco.gov.uk

The BBBF have official Facebook & Twitter pages. You can receive updates on upcoming events, coverage of past events, as well as Britain and Brunei business news and information.


Latest Events

BBBF Hosts Debate on Economic Diversification: High Value Service Sector Most promising in ASEAN

18th October 2012



The Britain Brunei Business Forum (BBBF) were delighted to feature a talk on Capturing ASEAN High Value Service Opportunities & Investment Case for Brunei Darussalam by Mr Paulius Kuncinas, Regional Editor for Asia, Oxford Business Group (OBG) at Radisson Hotel.


Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Ali bin Haji Apong, Deputy Minister at Prime Ministerís Office and also Chairman of Brunei Economic Development Board graced the event as Guest of Honour.



His Excellency Rob Fenn said:

ďWe can all agree that Bruneiís future looks bright. But light is a spectrum of many colours. At which wavelengths will Brunei Darussalam shine most brightly? The Britain Brunei Business Forum has a stake in Bruneiís current prosperity, but also an interest in helping the government deliver future prosperity, by selecting the right fields for economic diversification and by raising levels of productivity. To help us think this through, and to put Bruneiís choices in a regional context, we invited Paulius Kuncinas, Regional Editor for Asia of the Oxford Business Group, to address us. As our Guest of Honour for the occasion, we are especially delighted that Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Ali bin Haji Apong, Deputy Minister at the Prime Ministerís Office and Chairman of the Brunei Economic Development Board, was able to attend.Ē


Lai Pei-Si, Chairperson of BBBF said:

ďTo further our economic & diversification agenda, Brunei Darussalam must tap into our advantage of being within South East Asia, one of the fastest and most vibrant growth areas in the world.   BBBF is delighted to have the opportunity to tap on the expertise of Mr Paulius Kuncinas on his knowledge of ASEAN countries, areas of opportunities and most of all Bruneiís role in the growth.



After many years of being neglected by international investment community and overshadowed by so called BRICs, ASEAN is now indeed coming into its own and has become one of the most vibrant growth areas in the world. In 2013 Brunei will have a unique historical opportunity to set agenda for AEC 2015. Services will play a key part in negotiations on opening up of borders and giving access to regional investors. With strong national interests to protect domestic manufacturing sectors the main opportunity in ASEAN will be in high value added services that meet the needs of Fortune 500 multinational companies. Paulius Kuncinas, Oxford Business Groupís Regional Editor for Asia presented a regional perspective on how Brunei Darussalam could emerge as an important player in a number of service sectors particularly in legal, finance, communications, logistics, research and innovation as well as health and education.


The BBBF is a business association focused, historically, on facilitating trade between Britain and Brunei. With Associate Membership in place, the BBBF looks to forge a relationship with Bruneiís future business leaders and strengthen ties between the two countries for the benefit of both.


Existing Students with an association to the UK Ė either currently studying in the UK or with a College affiliated to the UK and Alumni of UK colleges Ėbased in the UK or with a Bruneian based College affiliated to the UK Ė who have completed their studies within the last three years are all qualified to apply for Associate Membership.






Past Events  
  September 2012 BBBF High Tea for Swedish Business Delegation
  June 2012 BBBF Reclaim Trophy at Croquet Event with FBBA
  March 2012 Lord Mayor of the City of London High Tea
  Feb 2012 BBBF Annual General Meeting 2012

Nov 2011

High Tea on Research and SME growth
  Sept 2011 Strategic Planning Talk & 'Energising Business'

July 2011


BBBF Masterclass on Branded Customer Service


Beach Cleaning with British High Comm & the Beach Bunch


  May 2011 BBBF High Tea Talk with MIPR on SME Initiatives
  Feb 2011 BBBF Annual General Meeting 2011
  Nov 2010 British Oil & Gas Firms Inward Visit to Brunei & Professor David Hunt Talk

Sept 2010

Lord Justice Laws Luncheon & Tea
  Aug 2010 'The Battle of The Empire' - BBBF vs FBBA Bowling Contest
  July 2010 Farewell Party for two BBBF committee members
  June 2010 Lunch & Dialogue with His Excellency Rob Fenn


Social Events of 2009




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